Night - Solar Candle

Candle Power without the flame




Nightlight will only work for up to seven (7) hours if it is fully charged and charged as per the instructions. If instructions are not followed, Nightlight cannot be held accountable or responsible for under-performance. Nightlight is NOT water-proof, although it is water-resistant. Proper care needs to be taken during storage, use and charge of the Nightlight. Nightlight cannot be held responsible for any water damage as a result of improper care and/or use.

The Nightlight has a one (1) year warranty. Each of the Nightlight’s components (solar panel; LED; battery; and circuit board) has its own warranty. The warranties are enforceable only if all instructions pertaining to Nightlight, and its storage and use, are complied with to the fullest. Nightlight should be used only for the purposes it is expressly intended. The manufacturers, component producers, management, employees and distributors will not be held liable for any damage or injury to any human or property resulting in negligent use of the product.

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