What is our mission? 
The Mergon Foundation is a not-for-profit trust fund that was established in 1980. The founding mission of Mergon is to strategically invest its resources to further the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Mergon achieves this through funding allocations made to established, credible ministries in South Africa and beyond, which are intentionally focused on sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the committed efforts of these grass root organisations we see the true redemptive power of the gospel displayed through a life transformed, a future restored and an assurance grounded in the unchanging goodness of God.

What are our core values? 
Relationship: We often remind ourselves that our dreams of success are not firstly God’s purpose for us, rather His desire is that we trust in Him and commit ourselves to walking in relationship with Him. Through this we glorify him – the outcome of our efforts are in His hands and His providence is merely a by-product of His grace and our obedience.

 Stewardship: We consider God to be the Owner of Mergon Foundation and the team to be stewards who are to be accountable for that which has been placed in our care.

 Partnership: We appreciate that it is only through partnering with like-minded people, who carry a testimony and passion for effective Kingdom expansion, that we are able to fulfill our mandate.

 Entrepreneurship: We seek to cultivate an environment which recognizes and encourages innovative, differentiated approaches to reach people across different social and geographic contexts. We encourage our partners to do the same.